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Personalised Products

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Unique Products

About Us

Wright’s Diamond Designs is a one-woman business providing bespoke items made from epoxy resin.

What began as a hobby, has swiftly turned into a blossoming business, creating bespoke items for customers around the world.

Working from home, Deb Wright makes every item herself by hand.

Deb says: “Practically anything can be preserved in resin… I like to specialise in recording special moments for people that can be passed down for generations!”

Deb’s passion for creating handcrafted gifts and preserving lifelong memories for people is what makes Wright’s Diamond Designs so unique.

For a gift like no other, check out what we can do.


What We Do

I create beautiful and unique resin gifts by hand. As epoxy resin pouring is not an exact science, no two pieces I create will be exactly the same, but if you really like a specific piece I’ve already created, I can try and match it as close as possible.

Epoxy resin creations are the perfect way to capture memories, serving as reminders of some of the most special moments in your life.

Each gift is personalised to every customer, and I can make any item shown in any colour you like!  If you have an idea for an item that is now shown on here, contact me anyway – I will do my best to provide you with a unique item that represents everything you need it to be.

Send us some personal pieces to incorporate into your design or choose a specific theme which we will cater towards.

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Bespoke Products for Special Occassions

There’s nothing more meaningful than a personalised gift.

That’s why we love to create bespoke gifts and keepsakes for every occasion.

From wedding days and new baby arrivals to special birthdays and memorial pieces, we lovingly craft personalised gifts for every memory.


Popular Designs

One of our most popular designs is an initial letter for newborn babies, which also functions as a calming nightlight.

Another design, which we love to create, is preserving real flowers in epoxy resin from weddings, funerals, and more.

Flowers hold such a deep meaning and preserving them forever is a beautiful way to hold onto them.

Collaborative Designs

As each item is personalised to every customer, we work with you to put together the perfect design.

You can provide us with specific items you want to be incorporated into your epoxy keepsakes, such as flowers from your wedding bouquet or a pet’s nametag, or we will also supply items which can be encased in the resin.

Most of our designs can also be turned into an LED light, where you can request any colour light bulb.

If you don’t have a specific design idea in mind but you’re looking for a unique gift, check out some of our stocked items like our wine butlers, cake stands, chess sets and more.

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